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Melancholic hell on the web.

A space away from all those avian hellscapes, assembly line websites, and advertisements for burgers. A virtual landscape for me to build and fill with things that I find meaningful. I'd go on, but I'm sure you get it by now.


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version 4.1.10

8 September 2023

I really love the Time Machine, so I’m starting something cool: I’ll be adding archived past versions of there, starting with 1.3! Plus, a fresh new blog post. More to come soon.

version 4.1.9

26 August 2023

I am finally free! Optimization. New art, more links.

version 4.1.8

5 August 2023

Behind the scenes polishing.

version 4.1.7

28 July 2023

Adjustments to the comment system and a lot of other minor additions. Not much to see, frankly.

version 4.1.6

23 July 2023

New blog post. Cool homepage marquee.'s complete history

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I say naughty words and I might write about topics that might not be appropriate for children. Kids, please go away.

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Mamimi Carpentry

13 August 2023

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7 September 2023

The chronicles of a Brazilian girl who often gets mistaken for a Brit.

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