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8 September 2023

I really love the Time Machine, so I’m starting something cool: I’ll be adding archived past versions of there, starting with 1.3! Plus, a fresh new blog post. More to come soon.


26 August 2023

I am finally free! Optimization. New art, more links.


5 August 2023

Behind the scenes polishing.


28 July 2023

Adjustments to the comment system and a lot of other minor additions. Not much to see, frankly.


23 July 2023

New blog post. Cool homepage marquee.


22 July 2023

New comment sections throughout the website!


16 July 2023

Stylish tooltips, homepage adjustments, the gallery finally looks decent, lots of new links, a factual error in the time machine has been corrected.


5 July 2023

More buttons, more artwork, and a secret. You might find it spinning around somewhere, who knows?


2 July 2023

Rebuilt CSS, various minor changes to a lot of stuff and I can’t be bothered to recall all of them, 88 x 31 buttons, brand new changelog RSS feed.


19 June 2023

New blog post, links section revamp, HISTORY TIME!


5 June 2023

Big boy update! The resources page is back, the blog is now separated into individual pages bound by an index, advertisements in the home page, the about page now has tabs!


30 May 2023

I hope this is the last time I mess with the gallery, good lord. Shiny new 404 page. Woah, 404 on version 4.0.4!

Temporary banner, the art is by nyoro, check out their amazing work! My art will come back later.


28 May 2023

CSS reworking: the website now behaves properly on mobile, the grids are much neater, gallery and chatbox aren’t fucked up anymore.


23 May 2023

Comment section instead of a Discord server. Gallery layout improved. Joined Retronaut webring. Added stuff to the links page.


17 May 2023

Minor adjustments to the layout and the banner, new favicon, new blog post, added contact information, hit counter.


16 May 2023

The struggle continues. Another overhaul to the layout, this time named “Grief” and it’s appropriately black and white.


16 January 2023

More than six months in the making. Pain. Blood. Sweat. Tears. Okay, not really, just a new beginning.


9 July 2022

Say hello to the materials page!


19 June 2022

Re-added the links sections, made colours more consistent, added some pixel graphics from Piece 2003.


18 June 2022

Remade the whole thing again…


16 June 2022

Added all future links to navigation, fixed a link, minor stuff.


4 June 2022

Remade the website AGAIN, so it looks better. I hope it’s the last time this time.


30 May 2022

Added the links section. It’s still in it’s very infancy, not a lot of stuff, but I’m gonna add stuff as I go.


25 May 2022

Remade the folder structure for the website. Fixed the fonts (yes, the font was wrong this whole time).


23 May 2022

Finished the homepage (for now, lol) and added this changelog you’re reading right now. Tweaks on the appearance of the website. Added the media section.

the time machine

The Time Machine is a trip throughout iterations in the development of Navigate between each version with the arrows and scroll over the pictures to read more.

version 1.3

30 May 2022

The first version of still in my hard drive. There are earlier versions, but they have been lost to time. Time sure is a destructive force, isn’t it?

Very simple design, iframe based, classic colour scheme, barely any content at all because I was focusing far too much on the layout to pay attention to what actually lays inside it. Humble beginnings. Cute.

Look at an archived version!

version 2.0

18 June 2022

1.0 with blackjack and hookers, pretty much. I remade the whole thing from scratch and this is what I ended up with?

At least it isn’t beige anymore. Fuck beige.


3 August 2022

Unfinished experiment, still using iframes, kinda wonky, kinda ugly, but it was the basis for the next layout, which turned out pretty well.


25 August 2022

An improvement on the previous experiment. Despite this layout being beneath my skill level now, I still have a soft spot for it—it captures a sort of retro cool with that colour palette, iframe and clunky side-navbar. It may be revamped in the future (preferably so not every single element is an Illustrator vector exported to png), but for now it is a fond memory.


9 October 2022

Unfinished (thankfully) experimental layout, and the first (or at least, earliest saved one) one using Jekyll. I tried making this one easy to customize later on by abusing Less mixins (and you’ll see that coming into play in the next iteration).

“Blue Abomination” is what I’d call it in retrospect.

I’m quite glad I dropped this one, it looks quite tacky. The glitched text effect on the banner looks good, but it’s too colourful and it just doesn’t mesh well with the rest of the website. Rest in piss.

version 3.0

16 January 2023

This one has been well-preserved in the Wayback Machine. It’s an improvement upon the October layout, with the stylesheet finished, a wider colour palette and a… better? Banner. Actually, I’m not so sure about that—it went from an tacky eyesore to just plain boring. I think the problem is just the banner having to be contained in such a blocky way, restricting what I can do.

I used to believe the unfinished 06/08/2022 layout was actually published as 3.0, so this entry was originally for that. I’ve since rectified my mistake. That’s crazy: I’ve gone through so many versions and revisions I forgot one of them existed!

version 4.1

5 June 2023

melankorin v4: Grief

I consider 4.0 the first good version of

This layout is named Grief, called this way due to personal happenings in my life and it’s monochrome colour palette. Abandoned iframes in favour of Jekyll building the pages for me, banner, horizontal navigation, sidebar that varies based on the page, 1px black bordered sections, nearly everything in black and white. Retro, but also modern.

It took tens of thousands of lines of code to get me to a point where I liked my own work, but it was worth it.